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Your Gifts Give Hope for the Holidays!

No one should go hungry in our community — especially through the Holiday Season.

And, thanks to you, no one has to go hungry. Your gifts feed the hungry of our community and provide shelter to the homeless!

You are the blessing that God has sent to help the hungry and the homeless of Tulsa!

John 3:16 Mission is the vehicle that delivers the compassion and care to the needy of Tulsa, all made possible by your compassion and generosity.

On Tuesday, Nov. 20, the Mission kicked off its annual Great Thanksgiving Banquet for the homeless and hungry. Through Nov. 25, over 4,950 traditional Thanksgiving meals —  turkey and all the trimmings followed by a delicious dessert of pumpkin & pecan pie —  were served to guests.

Additionally, the Mission provided Thanksgiving Turkey Baskets to families and individuals in need — especially those who are not homeless but struggling day by day to make ends meet. The Mission distributed nearly 4,000 baskets through Nov. 21 (enough to feed 16,000 people).

Thanks to you and other kind-hearted people in our community, over 4,000 turkeys (and 44 tons of food overall) were donated along with all the canned goods and trimmings to make each basket sufficient to feed a family of four!

Thank you, Tulsa! And may the Lord bless you all this holiday season!

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