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Thin Place of the Human Heart

This blog post was written by Rev. Steven Whitaker for publication in the Tulsa Beacon newspaper.

There is a Celtic saying that there are three feet between here and eternity and some places are thinner. For me, the notion of Thin Places rings true. In fact, there is a strong biblical foundation for Thin Places — for example, the Garden of Eden or the Burning Bush—where people had direct experiences with God.  You, too, may have experienced the presence of the Lord in a Thin Place, perhaps in a church or other sacred location. Conversely, there are Thin Places where you may feel a chill, or the presence of evil.

I contend that the thinnest of Thin Places is the human heart.

The heart is where a person can choose to come into direct communion with God or be influenced by evil. At the Mission, it’s my great privilege to see countless men and women choosing the former by leaving behind their old ways and choosing to follow God. When this happens, lives are transformed. And that, in a nutshell, is what John 3:16 Mission is all about – helping others encounter God in the Thin Place of the heart so they can partake of His greatest gift of all – being transformed in Christ for now and eternity!


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