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The Refuge at Former Chouteau Elementary School

If you didn’t know it already, we have officially moved our administrative offices to a new location at 575 N. 39th West Ave. This location is the site of the former Chouteau Elementary School.

The school was closed in 2011 and subsequently purchased by the Mission. Eventually, the site will also house the live-in recovery programs for both men and women. The Mission’s downtown

Tulsa overnight shelter and Family & Youth Center in north Tulsa will remain where they currently are.

“We’re excited about this move,” said Rev. Steve Whitaker, our Mission President, and Sr. Pastor. “This is the first step in occupying the building and moving toward a future in which the building will house our recovery programs and allow us to do even more restorative ministry in Jesus’s name.”

The site has tentatively been renamed “The Refuge” and includes 10 acres of land on the immediate school grounds with another 140 or so acres surrounding the building.

“We have dreamed for years of moving the recovery programs for men and women out of the harshness of the downtown Tulsa environment and The Refuge is the ideal location. It is only minutes from the overnight shelter, but is in a very beautiful, peaceful rural section of the city that is much more conducive to full recovery and life transformation,” Whitaker said.

Those beehives you’ve seen us posting about are also an aspect of something else that is happening out at The Refuge. Our bees are feasting on blackberry bushes and more!

We look forward to sharing more with you about this property and the life changing elements it will house.

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