Tony’s Story

Not long ago, Tony was driving his Harley Davidson motorcycle, when he was hit by a car. Due to physical and financial challenges, Tony became homeless for the first time in his life. A local church told Tony about John 3:16 Mission. When he first arrived, he felt very nervous because he had never been to a homeless shelter before. But after Tony attended chapel service, he experienced the peace of God. “I felt loved, I felt the presence of the Lord,” he remembers.

After Tony settled in, he signed up to be a guest worker at the shelter. That’s when he really started to have hope for his future. Tony said, “I could see a light ahead, a ray of hope.” He began to believe he could get his life back.

During this time, Tony says that the Lord saved him, protected him, comforted him, and restored his life. 

“John 3:16 gave me a safe place to sleep, eat, and shower. But more importantly, you guys were my friends when no one else would be my friends.”

The resources Tony received at John 3:16 allowed him to get back on his feet. He had help using the computer and making phone calls that connected him to housing. He now has a place of his own, furnished by donations to Mission Goods.

Tony’s current life goal is to spend time with his 6 grandkids and eventually move closer to them. His youngest two granddaughters love riding around with him in the parking lot on his repaired Harley motorcycle.

By the grace of God, Tony received his life and family back, and his grandchildren got their Papa back.

Today, Tony is still doing great and has recently began volunteering at the shelter. He was so excited to report to us that he was able to provide Christmas presents for all six of his grandchildren this year.

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