Sarah’s Story

A Renewed Zest for Life

Sarah has experienced how depressing and terrifying life can be on the streets, especially for a woman. “It’s really hard,” she says. “People don’t give you any respect. They don’t want to help you because they think you are a lower life form.”

Sarah knew she had to get off the streets and began searching for housing. She also knew she needed support to make that happen. She found that support in John 3:16 Mission’s Honor Road program, which is part of Refresh, our day program for women experiencing homelessness.

With help from the Mission’s case manager, Sarah was able to find a home in a safe neighborhood. Recently, Sarah completed Year One of the Honor Road Program. Thanks to our donors, Sarah is in a new home, filled with hope and renewed zest for life, and still participating in the community she found at John 3:16 Mission.

“I’m thankful for a home, I’m thankful for friends, I’m thankful for a family. I’m thankful to God, my Savior Jesus Christ, for walking with me every day,” she says.

A recent transplant from Kansas, Sarah was staying at another shelter until 2021 when she found a new place to call home. She worked hard applying for apartments and with the help of our case manager was able to find a place in a safe neighborhood with good access to public transportation and shopping.

Even after she was housed, Sarah found a way to come to our Honor Road program every Tuesday and Thursday. Sarah’s supporters, teachers, accountability partners, peers and church family came out to celebrate her completion of the first year of the Honor Road Program. In true Sarah spirit, she requested a Hawaiian luau theme.

An Honor Road program volunteer, Sandy (who works closely with women in the program), says it best when she stated, “Sarah has a way of brightening my day. Whether it’s breaking out in song, drawing artwork on the chalkboard or just a good hug.”

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