Lawrence’s Story

No Better Place

Maybe you know someone who’s life is teetering on the edge of financial catastrophe.  With all the chaos in our world today, many people are experiencing hopelessness and feeling isolated. Many of our young people like Lawrence begin to medicate the feeling of hopelessness with drugs or alcohol.

Lawrence’s problems with addiction trace back decades to the height of the crack cocaine epidemic. “One moment of weakness,” he says. “That’s all it takes for the drug to take total control of your life.”

Seventeen years ago, Lawrence managed to wrestle his cravings into submission. He gained sobriety, he flourished both personally and professionally. Lawrence raised a beautiful family and made a good living as a machinist. But the threat of relapse loomed.

Recently retired with his kids fully grown, Lawrence began to feel isolated. His moment of weakness had arrived. But Lawrence’s family wouldn’t let the drug control him. Instead, as his life threatened to spiral out of control, they brought him to the Mission, where your support works miracles every day.

“I wouldn’t trade this place for the world,” Lawrence says. “There’s no better place to go for help, because John 3:16 Mission will put clothes on your back and food in your stomach. Not a day goes by that they’re not giving something away. Seeing that makes me want to come back here and volunteer after I graduate.”

Today, thanks to your prayers and support, Lawrence is getting back on his feet. He’s sober, he’s strengthening family relationships, and he has hope again. By God’s grace, he’s gained spiritual tools to help prevent future relapses. His heart is full of gratitude for you and all those who cared enough to help him change his life.

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