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Something to Live For

For years, all Rhonda craved was her next drink.

She had lost everything to the bottle – her family, her home, and her dignity.

Her life was a haze of alcohol and sleeping under bridges. A few months ago, she came to John 3:16 Mission for a meal and she “felt the presence of God.”  She knew it was time for a change. Not long after, she joined the Women’s Renew Recovery Program.

Today, she is celebrating 9 months of sobriety. And, for the first time in decades, the future looks bright for her. Tears well in her eyes when she describes how her life has changed at John 3:16 – thanks to YOU!

“I’m rebuilding my life day by day and John 3:16 has given me that chance. I now feel like I have something to live for and something to give back. If it weren’t for John 3:16 and the people who support it, I wouldn’t have made it.

I can’t say enough about how much this place has helped me.”

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