Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise:

A business with a purpose that serves the greater good. It reinvests its revenue into supporting the achievement of its purpose.

John 3:16 Mission currently has three social enterprises, which provide work experience for recovery students, giving them training on how to sustain a full work life once they graduate from our program. 

But the benefit doesn’t end there! These initiatives provide an income stream for John 3:16 Mission as well. All revenue goes back into our other programs and makes the Mission even more financially sustainable.

As John 3:16 Mission plans for our future, we see social enterprise as a key part of our mission to prevent homelessness, provide work experience for under-resourced neighbors, and increase our own financial sustainability.

BeeLoved Trading

Beeloved Trading, which is run by Mission staff and employs women in our recovery program, uses honey and other bee byproducts from our own Refuge farm beehives to produce candles, bottled honey,  lip balm, beard wax, and many more beautiful products.

BeeLoved Industries

BeeLoved Industries is a screen-printing company that prints shirts and other products for individuals and organizations. 

BeeLoved Baking

BeeLoved Baking produces baked goods for sale. Under the careful instruction of a trained chef, the women in our recovery program gain valuable job skills–and the results are delicious! 

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