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Saved from the Streets!

One of the most frequent questions we get here at John 3:16 Mission is: How are my donations making a difference?

The bottom line answer is this: Your donations are changing lives. Not only are people being fed, sheltered and ministered to in Christ’s name, but their lives are literally transformed.

Your Gifts Save People From the Streets!

Nowhere is that more evident than during a student graduation ceremony. Last month, we held one for nine men (Deric, Norman, Ron, Jordan, Joshua, David, Zack, Billy, Antonio) who completed our New Creation discipleship program. What does that mean? It means these men came to us homeless and broken – and thanks to God’s intervention and your compassion – they are leaving completely changed – full of hope, sober, employed and with a new, Christ-centered way of living in the world. Thank you!

Here’s What Some of the Grads Had to Say!

“They’ve seen the good in me, when I didn’t see it. John 3:16 saved my life.”

 — Ron

“To the donors: THANK YOU! I’m a new creation thanks to your generosity!”

– Billy

“My life has been blessed and transformed at John 3:16 Mission!”

 – Zack

“John 3:16 gave me the tool that will help me the rest of my life.”

— Deric

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