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RENEW Program Honors Latest Graduates

But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds, declares the LORD, ‘because you are called an outcast, Zion for whom no one cares.’

The women who find themselves homeless can relate to the passage above. They know what it is to be “outcasts for whom no one cares.”

But now, thanks to you, they also know what it means to be restored and have their wounds healed in Christ’s name. Walkeen and Jacinta are the two latest graduates of John 3:16 Mission’s RENEW recovery program for homeless women. They were honored at a ceremony held April 4.

You may remember Walkeen. She was featured in a 2013 newsletter article. At the time, she had just come in off the streets to the Mission. She became a believer in Jesus and was baptized. But there was still much healing to be done in her life.

That’s why she came back last year to join the women’s RENEW program.

“I’ve been through poverty, homelessness, addiction and I wanted to get away from that and restore my life and especially my relationships with my mom and children,” she said.

Walkeen had made progress up until joining the program but needed to really dig deep and confront her early in life traumas that were driving her behaviors. The program’s Bible-centered counseling helped her rely on Christ, grow her faith and face the demons that have haunted her. Now she is ready to live a restored life.

“There’s hope now. I am a woman of God who has been restored. My biggest dream is for my children to see their mother in her own home, where they can come and visit me and I can cook for them.”

Jacinta also overcame much to finish the program. It was a dark cloud of depression that drove her to the Mission’s doors, where she sought hope and a new life. She was welcomed into the program last year and began to confront the harsh history of childhood abuse that led to her downfall.

“Coming here changed my life. It put a smile back on my face and my depression has lifted. Without the staff and mentors, I wouldn’t have gotten through it.”

Today, Jacinta is working toward reuniting with her three children. She also will be getting help learning to read, a handicap that has held her back.

“One day, I want to work with people who need help and let them know that there is someone out there who cares and supports them,” she said.

Please keep Walkeen and Jacinta in your prayers as they walk out their new lives!

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