Recovery Students Celebrate Next Chapter

It’s always a highlight for our ministry to celebrate students who complete our recovery programs. We honored two graduates from Renew (our women’s program) and four graduates from New Creation (our men’s program) all at a graduation ceremony on July 29.

These 12-18 month residential programs offer students housing on our campus and a robust recovery program that includes discipleship coaching, counseling, life skills classes, work therapy, and connection with resources to help in establishing a new home.

Director of Women’s Ministry Megan Thomson shares the purpose of the ceremony is “not just to honor accomplishments of graduation, but to point students towards their next steps and remind all that this is just a milestone in their long journey of living the life that God has given them.”

Director of Men’s Ministry James Hudgins rejoices in the transformed lives. “It’s amazing what happens when we give Jesus an open door to our hearts,” he says.

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