NewsChannel 8: John 3:16 Mission Serving Thanksgiving All Week

by Burt Mummolo, KTUL Staff

“It’s been 11 hours to 12, 13 hours a day,” said Paul Davies.

He knows firsthand what goes into preparing those bountiful Thanksgiving meals at John 3:16.

“I work in the morning time in the kitchen here, we help prepare. I’ve been working all week,” he said.

They started serving Thanksgiving meals on Tuesday, and by the looks of things outside, demand has remained strong.

“As you saw the line around the building here plus we have a room full now, it’s a, there’s a lot of people hungry it looks like,” said CEO Steven Whitaker.

And behind some of that hunger, situations that might take you by surprise.

“40 of the 200 beds we have here are reserved by folks that are homeless that have a job. And who would have thought that that’s the case,” he said.

On top of that says Whitaker is the startling number of the newly homeless.

“We had a hundred, during the month, 115, something like that, people that came to the mission had never been homeless before, during just the month of October,” he said.

“We just really want to give back and love on these people,” said BethAnna Grace-White, at the Mission volunteering with her husband and grandchildren. What does she hope they take from this experience?

“Personally I would just love for them to have a life of gratefulness, not to take their blessings for granted,” she said.

Meanwhile, when Paul’s not helping prepare Thanksgiving meals, he’s taking part in the Mission’s 12-month residential recovery program, and thankful for learning new tools to navigate his next chapter.

“I had some issues back when I was a child so this program has helped identify what those are, manage them, get by them, and to grow from them, and where I can have a much healthier lifestyle,” he said.

See article at News Channel 8 here.

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