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Lives Restored, Recovery Achieved!

Just about a year ago, six men entered John 3:16 Mission for the first time. Each had his own, unique life story. What they shared in common was one thing: Their lives were a broken mess.

They were homeless, living on the streets, eating out of dumpsters or couch surfing from place to place. Some had addiction issues that involved drugs or alcohol.

They also had a spiritual hole in their lives and they sensed that only one thing could fill that hole: God. And that’s why, after trying other programs and rehab services, they came to John 3:16 Mission.

To a man, each confessed that the Christ-centered focus is what made all the difference to them during their year-long recovery in the Mission’s New Creation program. With God’s help…and YOUR generosity….each was able to overcome homelessness, addictions and underlying wounds and traumas that had decimated their lives.

On July 21, each man, in front of a crowd of Mission staff, volunteers, donors and their own family and friends, walked across a stage to receive a certificate marking their successful completion of the program. They were clean, sober, employed, had homes and families to return to, and, most of all, they had a strong and abiding friendship with Christ.

Congratulations to Dwyan, Nathan, Jason, Michael, Ray and Charles. Their hard work, God’s grace, and the giving spirit of volunteers and donors has freed them from a destructive path and given them the gift of new lives founded in the Gospel of  Christ.

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