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Job Opportunities

Position: Refuge Kitchen Supervisor

Employee Classification: Exempt

Department: Women’s Ministries

Reports To:  Director of Women’s Ministries 

Job Statement:  The purpose for the position is to oversee food service operations


  • Oversee and train kitchen team on food preparation, cooking techniques and service.
  • Assign kitchen responsibilities to students and volunteers as assigned to the kitchen.
  • Create menu and establish appropriate portion sizes.
  • Coordinate with Shelter Kitchen Supervisor and establish efficiencies between facilities
  • Organize special meals or food for internal and external catering needs.
  • Supervise and inspect cleanliness and safety standards of kitchen and dining room areas, as well as external areas, to meet Health Department and Mission standards.
  • Maintain required licenses and permits for legal and sanitary operations according to Health Department and Mission standards.
  • Price compare and order and/or purchase food and supplies for food operations, as budget and donations permit.
  • Solicit appropriate food donations and incorporate donations into meals.
  • Help students obtain Food Handler cards from the local Health Department.
  • Attend Mission meetings and functions.
  • Perform any other duties as assigned.


  • Two years of college education or equivalent experience in supervisory position.
  • Interest in or exposure to issues related to homelessness, mental illness or addiction.
  • Possess (or willing to possess) a Certified Food Service Manager certificate.
  • Prior food service management experience.


  • Must be a people person with Christian character.
  • Must have leadership, delegation, and organization skills.
  • Must have sound judgment, objectivity, and sensitivity.
  • Must show an ability to have a Godly concern for those at the Mission and their well-being and treat all with dignity and respect at all times.
  • Must have good oral and written communication skills with computer skills and familiarity with current software and operating systems.

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