Hunger – John 316 Mission


Hunger relief is a core service performed by John 3:16 Mission.

The homeless men, women, and children who come to John 3:16 Mission by the dozens each day depend on the meals they receive here.  The Mission also provides supplemental food to under-resourced families who are not homeless but who struggle to put meals on the table.

The Mission currently serves about 650 meals per day, around 237,000 meals per year.

Through its Family & Youth Center, the Mission distributes about 9,000 food baskets annually. Each basket contains enough to feed a family of four for about one week.

Hunger, or food insecurity, remains a significant problem in Tulsa and throughout Oklahoma. The USDA ranks Oklahoma as the 4th Most Food Insecure state in the nation, meaning about 17 percent of its residents do not know where or when their next meal is coming.

The problem is particularly acute in low-income communities where even fewer affordable grocery outlets exist. The Mission fills this vital hunger gap for the homeless and many of Tulsa’s most low-income residents.

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