Homelessness – John 316 Mission


John 3:16 Mission’s foundational, core activity has been to reach out to the Tulsa community’s homeless. On any given night, according to recent surveys, there are about 800 homeless people on Tulsa’s streets. Uncounted others remain, scattered throughout the city, though primarily concentrated in and around downtown Tulsa.

Annually, John 3:16 Mission provides about 29,000 overnight lodgings to homeless guests. Approximately 6,000 people become homeless, at least temporarily, each year, some due to illness, job loss or an unexpected financial setback.

The Mission is here as a safety net to meet their immediate needs and give them a chance to quickly get back on their feet. Other homeless people have deeper problems including emotional, mental health and substance abuse issues that require long term treatment. John 3:16 Mission helps meet their immediate needs, too, and offers a phased, Christ-centered recovery program for people who are ready for life change. For more detailed information on homelessness in our community, please refer to the Tulsa City-County Continuum of Care survey.

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