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Homeless Women Enjoy Beauty Day at Mission!

“When women are homeless, their most pressing problem is to survive as best they can.  This means that they have to go without things like makeup, manicures, hairstyling and decent clothing,” says Rev. Steve Whitaker, Mission President.  “We hold this special day to give these women a chance to enjoy everything they have done without.  We want to show them that there are people who care enough to help restore their self-image.”

Dozens of homeless and at-risk women attended the Day of Beauty held Monday, May 6 at the Mission’s Refuge location.

Day of Beauty is all about offering these ladies a beautiful break from the ugly reality of life on the streets…

…polishing their outer beauty so they have reason to feel good about themselves…and demonstrating to them the authentic inner beauty a new life in Jesus Christ has to offer.

The Day of Beauty is designed to revitalize the self-image of women who are have lost sight of the beauty in their lives. Volunteer beauty professionals gave them the joy of a makeover.  These pros did hair and makeup, nails and massages. Guests also enjoyed a meal and free shopping for gently used clothing and accessories.  They also had the opportunity to pose for glamour type photographs.

The Mission wishes to thank ALL the volunteers who made this an incredible event for the guests!

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