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Farm Offers Opportunity!

Did you know your gifts are helping homeless men and women develop valuable skills, behaviors and attitudes to become independent, self-sustaining and employable?

Developing these skills is a major part of the residential recovery programs for both men and women at John 3:16 Mission.

The Mission is creating a Training Farm on its property in northwest Tulsa called The Refuge. The Refuge has 160 acres of farmable land located just 5 minutes from downtown Tulsa.

Homeless men and women enrolled in the recovery programs have been helping to get the farm up and running. They have planted fruit trees and fruit bearing shrubs and will be involved in maintaining the plants, as well as harvesting crops.

“Work therapy is a vital part of our recovery programs,” said Mission President, Rev. Steve Whitaker.

“It’s about reinforcing work ethics that go back to the basics of waking up, showing up and doing a good job. They also learn actual skills that can help them with employment after they leave the Mission.”

John 3:16 Mission has operated Beeloved Trading, ( a social enterprise involving beekeeping and the sale of honey and beeswax related products for 2 years. That program continues and is part of the work therapy for recovery students. The beekeeping program also takes place at The Refuge.

Training Farm Fast Facts!

Volunteers Needed!

Want to help with the Training Farm? The Mission would welcome assistance with mowing, weeding, brush hogging, etc. To learn about volunteer opportunities, please call our Lead Volunteer Coordinator, Cindy Webster, at 918-574-8620.

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