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Farewell Rev. Fantabulous

If you ever had the pleasure to be greeted by Rev. Paul Stubbs you were guaranteed two things: A huge smile that could light up a room and his signature word, “Fantabulous!”

“Good to see you, Paul. How are you?”

“I’m fantabulous and getting better!” he would invariably reply.

For many years as a volunteer, Paul cheerfully shared the Gospel with thousands of homeless men, women and children of the Tulsa community. Brother Paul, as he was often called, passed away Oct. 6 aged 84 and went to be with the Lord he loved so dearly.

“Without a doubt, he was one of the most dedicated, kindest and joyful chapel speakers we have ever had at the Mission,” said Rev. Steve Whitaker, John 3:16 Mission President. “He epitomized the joy of the Lord when he shared the Gospel or visited with our homeless guests. Because of him, many people will know heaven. He will be missed, but we know where he is. He was a true and faithful servant.”

Always dressed in a coat and tie when he came to the Mission to preach, Stubbs was anything but formal with the homeless guests. He was a gentle, grandfatherly figure, always ready with a kind word, friendly gesture or an inspiring scripture to help pick them up.

Rev. James Hudgins, the Men’s Program Director, said Stubbs was a model Christian to the homeless guests and never let age stop him. In fact, he had done his monthly preaching through August of this year.

“Paul was always faithful,” Hudgins said. “We knew we could count on him to share Christ’s message of redemption and restoration.”

Kara Moseby, former Mission Volunteer Coordinator, who worked with Stubbs for years, recalls his special way of relating to the homeless.

“He loved the guests and they were always glad to see him,” she said. “The students in our program loved him, too.”

On several occasions through the years, Stubbs received the Mission’s annual Rescuer Award for his folksy ability to share the Gospel and help homeless people understand that Jesus saves and restores.

“He had such a servant heart,” Moseby added. “What a party they must be having in heaven now that Rev. Fantabulous is there!”

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