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Easter Hope: Is It Real?

This week– what many call Holy Week — is a such a meaningful one for Christians. Together, we ponder scriptures about the Lord’s last days on earth leading up to His sacrificial and atoning death on the cross.

We rejoice that on the third day Jesus rose again, giving new life to all who believe.

Come Sunday, girls in pastel dresses, boys in new suits, churches filled with beautiful music, and children hunting Easter eggs will be the orders of the day.

And yet, as we prepare to celebrate this most important of Christian holidays, I still get asked by our homeless guests:

Is it real? Did Jesus really sacrifice himself for me?

For the men and women who come to John 3:16 Mission, their lives couldn’t be further removed from joyous Easter celebrations.

Instead, they ask: Why? Why has this happened to me? If the Death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus is real, how did THIS happen to me? Why have I lost everything?

Our collective job as believers – and especially for us here at the Mission – is to show them that IT IS REAL. How do we do that?

In these ways, and more, we (and that includes you!) help all those who come to John 3:16 Mission understand that Jesus did indeed go to the cross for them; that he died and was resurrected FOR THEM.

And, once they partake of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, Restoration follows. For it is when lives are transformed and restored that we have the definitive proof to answer our question: Is it real?

You better believe it is! Amen, and Happy Easter to you all!

P.S. Please pray with me this Easter that all the homeless who come to John 3:16 Mission take hold of the Truth and let God go to work in their lives.

Steve Whitaker

President & Sr. Pastor, John 3:16 Mission

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