Downtown Shelter


506 N Cheyenne Ave, Tulsa, OK 74106



We are a 24/7 facility–our phones are always answered. Our overnight guests leave at 8:00 am and return to check in for chapel, dinner, and beds at 5:00 pm. The time between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm allows for the cleaning and maintenance of the facility.

What you'll find here:

Daily meals for all
Chapel services for all
Overnight stays for men

About the Downtown Shelter:

Our downtown shelter is located at 506 N. Cheyenne Avenue in Tulsa. It’s across the street from the David L. Moss Correctional Facility (Tulsa Jail) and immediately adjacent to the IDL overpass. Each evening, 365 days a year, we offer chapel services and meals for men, women, and children at our shelter, and overnight stays for men. We are committed to offering a shelter that is safe, clean, and welcoming. 

Do you need a place to stay tonight?

We have many volunteer opportunities at our shelter, from chapel speakers to meal servers. 

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