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Christian’s Amazing Gift: Summer KIDS Camp!

Christian is one of the sweetest kids you could ever hope to meet. He’s got a great smile, big brown eyes and a cheerful attitude. But, at 8 years old, Christian had problem.

He couldn’t read.

In fact, he had a hard time reciting the alphabet. It was pretty much guaranteed he would not be promoted to 2nd grade this fall.

“Christian is exactly the kind of student that Summer KIDS Camp was made for,” says his teacher Jordan Kimball.

Thanks to generous donors, Christian was able to attend Summer KIDS Camp literacy program for 8 weeks this summer.

And what a difference it has made in his life! Christian is now reading at grade level! Not only that, he will be promoted with his peers to 2nd grade.

“It was just a transformation for Christian,” says Jordan. “The program really clicked with him. It was amazing to watch.”

Not only that, Christian came out of his shell and began participating in class and having fun.

“His confidence skyrocketed,” Jordan says. “It was so cool to see him blossom during the summer.”

Christian was just one of nearly 100 students who benefited from Summer KIDS Camp. And, it was all made possible by people like you who care. Thank you!

ABOUT SKC — A Program that Changes Lives Year after Year!

Thanks to your support, SKC continues to be a powerful and life changing program that has touched the lives of 2,100 children since 1999. Taught by accredited teachers and college interns, SKC has the following goals:

and ethical foundation.

The five-year average improvement per pupil has been nearly 3/4ths of a grade school year in just 8 weeks. The Mission wishes to thank its primary sponsor, The George Kaiser Family Foundation, along with The Dollar General Literacy Foundation, The ONEOK Foundation and others for their generous support. And, thank you the hundreds of individual donors who gave to improve the lives of at-risk, reading challenged children!

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