Birthday Joy — Thanks to You! – John 316 Mission

Birthday Joy — Thanks to You!

What a great Birthday Party it was for the homeless guests who visited John 3:16 Mission on March 20!

Over 200 homeless men and women attended the big event that featured games, prizes, cake, ice cream and heartfelt birthday cards sent in by caring Tulsans.

One young man who attended told a staff member how much the celebration meant to him:

“I’ve never had a birthday party in all my life. That’s what makes this so special.”

The young man then ate not just one, but several pieces of birthday cake. He wasn’t alone. Other homeless men and women enjoyed Andolini’s pizza and many walked away with useful prizes including hygiene kits, umbrellas and hats.

“We’re so grateful to you, the donors, who make this event possible. It means so much to our guests at the Mission. It tells them that they are not forgotten. Thank you!” said Rev. Steve Whitaker, the Mission’s President and Sr. Pastor.  Click here for short video from our Pastor Steve Whitaker.


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  1. Jeff McColgin says:

    Daily prayer s for all of our homeless and for all that help make a difference. Thank You Jesus for all that you do.

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