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Alive & Thriving!

A little over a year ago, Kevin was close to death.

His already serious drinking problem –fueled in part by family tragedies — had become life threatening. He was often in and out of hospitals.

“I really went off the deep end and dove into the bottle,” he admits.

“I was an all day, every day drinker. The only time I didn’t drink was when I was in the hospital.”

One day, after being caught (and let go) trying to steal a bottle of liquor, he found himself at the bus station in downtown Tulsa. Someone had mentioned a place called John 3:16 Mission that would feed and shelter homeless people, but he didn’t know where it was.

“I was standing there, not knowing what to do,” he recalls. “And this man appears and asks me, ‘What are you looking for?’ And I said, ‘John 3:16’ and he said, ‘I know the way. Follow me.’”

The stranger led him to the Mission’s doors and then disappeared.

“I never saw him again, but to me, he was an angel. He changed my life by showing me to the Mission.”

Now, over a year later, Kevin is celebrating his first anniversary of sobriety. Not only that, he is graduating this month from the Mission’s recovery program. He has a good job and a place to live. Gradually, he is rebuilding broken relationships with family and friends.

“My life has been completely restored here,” Kevin says. “John 3:16 is a shining example of hope and a place to renew your life.”

Kevin regularly shares his testimony with guests at Mission chapel services where he also sings uplifting praise and worship songs.

“To be able to sing again…it’s such a gift! A year ago, I was a dead soul. Today, I’m a blossoming soul sharing the Gospel with people like me who need God’s grace.”

Here’s what Kevin has to say about what YOU did for him through your gifts:

“Without you, there is no doubt in my mind: I’d be dead today. You’re the reason I’m alive and thriving!”


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