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YOU Gave Me My Life Back!

If there is one message the people in our recovery programs want you to hear, it’s this: “Thank you! Because you cared enough to give, my life was changed forever.”

Men and women come to the Mission straight from the streets, hungry, hurting and broken. They’ve made bad choices, or life’s circumstances were more than they could handle by themselves. They needed what the Mission has – not only food and shelter – but Christ-centered, spiritual nourishment that feeds and transforms the soul.
“THANK YOU! YOU’VE SAVED MY LIFE!”  — New Creation graduate

These five men, with thanks to you, completed the Mission’s New Creation program and graduated in January. They go out into the world to new homes, new jobs, restored relationships and the knowledge that through Christ, they can do all things.

Cameron – “My faith has been restored here. I’ve got hope and purpose. I know I’ve been created for something, not for nothing.”

David – “All the bible studies, the life lessons that they teach you, it all makes a huge difference. To all the donors – Thank you! You gave me my life back!”

Mike – “Being a New Creation in Christ, I’ve learned it’s OK to be me.”

Chris – “I’ve become a New Creation through John 3:16. I’m sober, I’ve got a job, I’ve got my life on track.”

David – “I would like to tell the donors – thank you! You helped me and you help thousands of people every year.”

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