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A Change in Plans!

At age 19, Chris’s home was a park bench.

Occasionally, he’d sneak a nap in the bed of a pickup truck. His future was the “Family Plan” — drug addiction, crime and incarceration. That was the plan most of his family members followed.

“That was the path I was on – self destruction,” Chris says.

One night, cold and hungry, he decided he wanted a different plan. His sister once mentioned a place Chris had never heard of — John 3:16 Mission.

At the Mission, he was welcomed and given a hot meal, a shower and a clean bed. He knew he was in the right place.

Chris spent most of 2017 in the New Creation program rebuilding his life with God’s help. Today, Chris is clean and sober, employed, and getting ready to move into his own home.

“When I put God front and center in my life, everything changed for the better. That’s the gift that John 3:16 Mission gave me,” he says.

And Chris is grateful for the gifts you gave, too.

“Thank you for all you’ve done for me and my brothers at John 3:16! I’ve got a future now. Without the donors, I wouldn’t have a second chance.”

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