donate vehicles DONATE VEHICLES

John 3:16 Mission encourages and welcomes donations of all kinds of personal vehicles.

Donated vehicles are for two purposes:

1) To give to needy individuals and families that do not have a vehicle. Many times, vehicles are provided to men and women who have successfully completed or participated in our recovery programs. Vehicles help these people get to jobs, school, etc.

2) To make sure the Mission has an adequate fleet of vehicles to carry out its ministries. Vehicles are used to carry out daily Mission functions, including transporting clients and students and picking up or transporting donations.

Vehicle donors will be receipted at the Kelly Blue Book value of the donated vehicle.

NOTE: All donated vehicles must be in working condition. The Mission cannot repair non-operating vehicles outside of replacing a battery or some other simple, inexpensive fix.

To donate your vehicle, please call 918-587-1186.