Movie Inspires
"Same Kind of Different as Me"

Folks, get ready for a great movie based on a great book! The film, Same Kind of Different as Me (based on the bestselling book by the same name) is scheduled for release in October 2017. It's a powerful story of healing and forgiveness and shows the plight of the homeless and the work of rescue mission ministry.
Rev. Steve Whitaker, along with other rescue mission officers from around the country, got a sneak preview of the film in August. "It's really a fabulous, touching movie. Truly one of the best I've seen in my life. It's got a powerful message for everyone today." The movie tells the true story of a man, Ron Hall, and his wife who befriend a homeless guest, Denver Moore, at a rescue mission in Ft. Worth, Texas.
By the way, Ron Hall, was our special guest speaker at the Mission's annual gala event held in March.
Here is the official movie trailer. Enjoy! LINK TO VIDEO