Homeless Stereotype Has Changed
Seeing the Homeless as
Jesus sees them

Iím often asked what the average age of our homeless recovery students is. I think you might be surprised to know that itís 27. The stereotypical image of a homeless man is that of a middle aged or older, crusty fellow whoís been drinking for decades. Iíve been around long enough to see how this is no longer true in most cases.
Today, we see homeless people who tend to be much younger and who come from various ethnic backgrounds and education levels. What they share in common is a deep brokenness, often the result of a profound wounding from an earlier-in-life trauma. Theyíve lost virtually everything except their lives.
I encourage people to refrain from judging the homeless. Instead, see them as Jesus sees them, as people fully deserving of mercy, kindness, forgiveness and restoration.
How about you? Iím sure you know someone in your own life that desperately needs Christís transforming touch. At John 3:16, people-- like the ones you know -- get that precious second chance to restart their lives.

Rev. Steve Whitaker