food pantry
It may be surprising to learn, but hunger is a significant issue for many in the Tulsa area and beyond. In fact, Oklahoma ranks 6th (worst) in the nation for food insecurity. This means that many low-income families in our community experience "reduced quality or variety of meals and may have irregular food intake." (USDA).

For residents of poor areas of town, including North Tulsa, food insecurity is complicated by limited or no access to nearby food sources due to a lack of retail establishments in their area. Some families are forced to choose between food on the table and being able to pay rent, utilities or mortgages.

These are the main reasons John 3:16 Mission operates a year-round pantry at its north Tulsa based Family & Youth Center. The pantry is stocked food donated by individuals, businesses and churches as well as from the Eastern Oklahoma Community Food Bank. During spring and summer, these foods may be supplemented with fresh vegetables grown in the Mission's community garden.

Food is distributed -- by appointment -- on a once-a-month basis to families with a demonstrated need. Food baskets contain enough items to feed a family of four for several days. Appointments are made through the FYC's Family Care Pastor.

To make an appointment, please call 918-592-1186.