men's ministry
Mens Program Description: John 3:16 Mission offers a 5-phase, Christ-centered program for men seeking recovery from homelessness. Based on a biblical therapeutic model of recovery, this free, on-premises program (called the New Creation program) welcomes men who earnestly desire life transformation and escape from homelessness, addiction, and despair.

The New Creation program emphasizes total restoration — the healing of addictions and the promotion of sober, healthy and independent living. At the heart of this program is a man’s willingness to surrender to the love of God through Jesus Christ and to strive to live accordingly.

Men enter the program after an assessment by an intake counselor to determine if a candidate is ready to begin this demanding physical, emotional and spiritual journey. Up to 50 “students” may participate in the program at any given time.

A motivated student may progress through all phases of the program in approximately 11 months which culminates in a graduation ceremony. By this point, the program graduate is employed, self supporting, and living a sober, independent life based on Biblical principles.

Phase I — This phase focuses on a student “staying clean” and “sober” and eliminating the intake of any intoxicating substances. Students are introduced to the daily regimen of life as a recovery student. Includes daily Bible studies, praise and worship, one –on-one sessions with recovery counselors and other group classes (Boundaries, Conflict Resolution, Anger Management, etc.) to begin to build sobriety and stronger trust in God.

Phase II — Student continues to advance in sober living, attend classes, counseling and Bible studies and also participates in the life of the Mission. Students are expected to help maintain the premises by performing chores and other work assignments. They also set personal and academic goals and meet requirements for program advancement.

Phase III — Student focuses on identifying and healing core foundational issues and behaviors that led to homelessness and/or addiction. Student grows in knowledge of Christian principles and living and exercises them in everyday life. Student also works on mastering any behavioral problems, such as anger, that may have inhibited social and employment relationships. Student works to develop financial skills, pay back debts and complete a class on healthy nutrition.

Phase IV — Student has become stable enough in sober living to prepare for and eventually find employment. Student continues to build upon foundation of Christ and maintain sobriety while meeting academic and employment obligations. Student continues to develop better life management skills (including financial and job readiness) as he prepares for his life after exiting the Mission.

Phase V — Student is ready to leave the Mission when this phase is completed. First, he will have completed an approved community service project and have made arrangements to clear any financial obligations. He also will be employed as he prepares to find his own home. Additionally, he is actively involved in his church and fully committed to sober, Christian living. The departing student is celebrated with a graduation ceremony and has the foundation needed for successful living once again.