frequently asked questions!!!

Where Is John 3:16 Mission located?

• Administrative Office
  205 E. Pine ST. #103
  Tulsa, OK 74106

• Downtown Shelter
  506 N. Cheyenne Ave.
  Tulsa, OK 74103

• Family & Youth Center
  2027 Martin Luther King Blvd
  Tulsa OK, 74106

What is the Recovery Program?
Based on a biblical therapeutic model of recovery, this free, on-premises program (called the New Creation program) welcomes men who earnestly desire life transformation and escape from homelessness, addiction, and despair.

Who can join?
Men and women who are ready to make a lasting commitment to changing their lives in a faith based program.

How long is it?
The men’s multiphase program is designed for a stay of about 11 months. The women’s recovery program is designed for 6 months.

Is it for men and women?
Yes. The men’s program currently has capacity for about 50 men. The women’s program is a daytime only program (not a live-in program).

How Can I volunteer at John 3:16 Mission?
The best way to become a volunteer is to review the information on the volunteer tab on this website and then complete the volunteer application on the site. You may direct volunteer related questions to 918-574-8620.

What types of donations do you need and accept?
The Mission accepts financial donations and in-kind donations. Financial donations include cash, checks and credit card transactions. We accept a variety of other items including food, clothing, household goods, appliances and vehicles.

How is the mission funded?
The Mission is completely supported by individual donations and donations made by churches, businesses, corporations and foundations. The Mission does not receive any funding from government entities or from the United Way.

What does the Mission do with my personal information when I donate?
The Mission protects all the personal and financial information of its donors. We do not sell or rent this information to any person or entity. All transactions are kept confidential.

For additional information or to schedule a tour of our facilities, contact our receptionist at 918-587-1186.