creative arts
Available to children and youth throughout the year this program includes visual and performing arts classes. Students participate in a variety of visual arts as well as dance, drama and music.

With so few creative opportunities available to our students, it is important for us to expose our children and youth to a wide variety of art forms. Children K-6 participate in everything that is offered while students in 7-12 grade are given the opportunity but not required to participate.

Celebrating our students accomplishments is crucial to the Creative Arts program. We have two major arts celebration throughout the year and several small celebrations. In December the FYC hosts our annual Christmas Dinner Theatre. Students in grades K-12 participate in a program that shares the true meaning of Christmas through a variety of art forms. Our families, staff and volunteers gather together in this unique celebration of Christmas. Each spring, students participate in "I Can Shine" a demonstration of the arts. This demonstration showcases the students' talents. It includes demonstrations of worship through music, dance, drama and spoken word as well as a visual art show. The visual art is judged by a local artist and prizes are awarded. Its primary focus is to give students an opportunity to share their God-given talents with family and peers. In addition to that, our dancers perform regularly at outreach events and our leadership youth help write, produce and perform an original series of salvation themed skits for their annual missions trip.

While the arts activities inside our building make up the bulk of our programming, we also know that community development is a must. We work with our neighborhood elementary schools to provide arts-integrated activities in the school classroom setting. We also work with teachers and staff to provide training that focuses on incorporating creative activities into the daily classroom routine.

The Creative Arts program is provided at no cost to any of its participants. All art supplies, costumes, props and scripts are supplied free of charge with the hopes of making each experience and performance as successful as possible. Donations of art supplies and volunteers are always welcome in all areas of the arts.